Nate Walton Design

Connections Exhibition

Educate artists and library patrons about the collaborations that produced some of the world's most beautiful books.

This was my Master’s thesis project. I completed an MFA in graphic design at Indiana University in 2006. I spent a semester in the Lilly Special Collections Library at Indiana University studying print history and fine presses.

Connections: An exhibition of collaborative design (brochure)
Connections: An exhibition of collaborative design (brochure)


I wanted to help exhibition visitors understand and appreciate some of the beautiful books in the collection, which contains many that are among the most famous and rare in the world.


Invitations were sent to the library’s supporters and normal mailing list for exhibitions. Faculty and students from the School of Fine Arts were also invited. It was a public exhibition, but patrons tended to be quite educated, and disposed to be book lovers.

Invitation cards
Invitation cards


I had one room with two walls containing glass cases. Books can be difficult to display effectively, since only a small fraction can ever be visible at one time.

The <em>Doves Press Bible</em> and Eric Gill&rsquo;s <em>Four Gospels</em>
The Doves Press Bible and Eric Gill’s Four Gospels

Team / Roles

I was solely responsible for all of the research, planning, design, and execution of the exhibition.

Guiding Principles

I wanted to go beyond the standard library exhibition, which consisted of an open book with a small identifying caption and perhaps a description.

Thesis brochure


A few of my favorite things

Hands-on elements and audio narration

Display cases and interactive elements
Display cases and interactive elements

The beautiful, beautiful books

This is my favorite case of the bunch.

"Maya Angelou&rsquo;s <em>Music, Deep Rivers in my Soul</em> and Bruce Rogers&rsquo; title page <em>Fra Luca De Pacioli of Borgo S. Sepulcro</em>
"Maya Angelou’s Music, Deep Rivers in my Soul and Bruce Rogers’ title page Fra Luca De Pacioli of Borgo S. Sepulcro

Success measures